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Andy H American-V, Buell / EBR, Harley-Davidson, Indian, Victory Leave a Comment

Whatever American motorcycle you ride, if you don’t mind rubbing shoulders with that other bunch who bought the wrong make, you’ve got a home at …

We’re not going to attempt to do everything on here, because setting up and maintaining a forum will do nothing to help us spend more time riding motorcycles, so we’re going to use facebook for something that it is really good at.

It is a closed group for no better reason that 95% of people who have applied to join have been people looking for love or the opportunity to practice their langauge skills and that’s not what it is there for.

No bike = nothing to contribute = no join.

The preference is obviously for American bikes, and we will make exceptions for non-owners – even those who don’t own a bike – who have a genuine enthusiasm for American motorcycles, but we do check every single application and it’s really easy to spot people who don’t just by looking at their walls.

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